Miami Music Week X Ultra Music Festival ✌🏼✈️

Miami FL, 

In all my years of going to festivals I never experienced one quite like Ultra Music Festival.Even though I havent been back to Ultra in about 8 years.What made it more special this year was that Miami Music week came attached.Miami is quite the experience itself.The atmosphere,the people,the food,  and the weather.It was an amazing trip and I have so much to tell you beautiful readers. 

Miami Music Week 

First off I’ve been to Miami Music week before.This was 8 years ago when I was trying to become a writer. I had a little opportunity when I was an intern at a music company that I took it. From what I remember it was a great time.This year I kicked off our week on Wednesday with Coldharbour night at Club Space featuring Grube&Hovespian,Dave Neven, Nifra,Fisherman&Hawkins and Markus Schulz of course.Every Coldharbour night I attend it special because everyone on the label is flawless.The amount of passion and work all the artists put into their sets makes me feel like this is the best trance label in the music industry. 

The next day before I started off my Ultra festivities with a rooftop party called United We Groove featuring Kristina Sky & company.I have never been to a rooftop party before so I was happy we got to go.Of course we had to leave early but caught a little bit of a set that Denzo played.Most definitely the vibes at that rooftop was amazing that we hated ourselves for leaving. 

Ultra Music Festival 


I will start by saying I have been to too many festivals that have it’s ups and downs. I’ll start with the pros of Ultra to be fair. 

1. Stages

The stages at Ultra reminded me of EDC circa 2010-2011.Very simple and not crazy with characters compared to today’s EDC. The visuals at any festival are perfect but UMF takes the cake!.Visuals are always important to make the stage look better.

2. Food 

Yes I’m a severe FAT GIRL at heart and when it comes to festival food IT HAS TO BE on point !!! I mean lets face it after all that drinking and dancing we have to fuel up.My favorite food from the festival had to be the street dogs(if you are not from LA YOU HAVE NO clue what I’m speaking of).Kept me fueled after a long day. 

3. Water Stations 

When you are raving hard you have to take a water break. It prevents you from getting overheated. Probably one story I’ll always keep in my mind is straight from my boyfriend himself ” One thing that stuck out to me on this past trip was me possibly saving this young kids life. As Des and I were walking from stage to stage, a kid out of nowhere came up to us pleading and crying for water saying he was gonna die and didn’t want to die. Clearly he was rolling and had a bad trip, so I grab him by the arm and took him to the water booth, grabbed him a water, people didn’t take my $5 for it though as I’m sure they saw he was in need. After that he hugged me and thanked me for saving his life, I then directed him to the free water booth so he can refill his bottle and hydrate. He was crying and thanking me and honestly it hit me that something so simple helped so much. Definitely will never forget that experience. Always try to lend a hand whenever you see someone in need” . 

4. A State of Trance on the last day

If you told me 3 years ago I would have been at ASOT I would have laughed at you. Before I met my boyfriend I was this crazy house head that listened to nothing but Swedish House Mafia and Kaskade. Now that I have gone to a million Trance shows I laugh at that girl who used to rage at house shows. I’ll probably always remember that I was standing in the middle of the megastructure on the last day of Ultra. I looked around and told myself this is my life.This is what I live for.  When we walked into Day 3 of Ultra we headed straight for that stage. David Gravell (I say a mini Armin Van Burren) was playing and that set was FLAWLESS ! In every way he resembles how Armin used to be as a kid(David is 19-20) . That trance sound from him is something else ! BUT BUT one set I have to recognized is Sander Van Doorn as his alias Purple Haze. WOW I never see the day Sander would come back to trance. He was playing that DARK dirty Trance that many fans are afraid of. Sander and Markus Schulz (Yes I gotta compare them) play very similar when Markus plays his rabbit hole sets. I am very happy to have seen the debut of his new alias. 


There only a few downfalls of Ultra and I must say they are valid reasons why I was a little disappointed. 

1. The crowd at some stages

I understand there is a certain crowd that is at certain stages but WOW it was out of control. People pushing and shoving not saying excuse me. There was an incident at the ASOT stage where a guy was trying to get through. He DID not say excuse me.. I shoved him and told him to say excuse me. Then he put his hands on me and pushed me. I lost it. Luckily my boyfriend pushed him and told him to relax. If I had the choice I would have hit him. But being the nice person I am I didn’t. It just turned me off a bit. 

2. The Security 

This is a good thing and a downfall of the festival. The good thing is that we went through security like nothing. That is also the downfall. They hardly checked me. Which is dangerous. What if someone came in with a weapon? What would have happened? I mean they did their job when kids were going the fence but not when it came to checking. It was scary to think if someone came in with a weapon.

Markus OTC 

To close out our Miami trip we had to end it with none other than our favorite. To me I was so tired from Ultra I had to drag my lifeless body to Heart Nightclub. Another memory I’ll cherish is that I got to meet the very first dj that got me into Trance.Yes DASH BERLIN! I probably had the worst heart attack in my life. The nicest guy though to his fans. As far as Markus, he was playing this really dark dirty Trance set(Told you I love that dark progressive stuff).I hated the fact that we had to leave early because we had a flight the next day BUT none the less he played amazing! 

Over all I say I Miami was an incredible place. That trip definitely inspired myself. The festival was something I am glad I did because pretty soon I might be too old for 3 days( I say this now). Miami itself is another world. As I grow older into my career place and people inspire me. I am forever thankful for the Coldharbour crew for hanging out with us during the week. Without them in our lives I feel like a huge hole is missing . So I wanna say thank you to them! I know one day I’ll have to take a back seat to all of this but for now it’s okay. I have each experience that will carry with me. And with that being said, we will be back next year for MMW and Ultra. We can not wait ♥️


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