Coachella X Bring Trance to the Desert 🌵 

Indio, CA 

Trance music really has had its spotlight the last few years and with the creation of Dreamstate by the company Insomniac, A State Of Trance booming, Aly&Fila’s FSOE taking over the states,so many Trance Djs bringing open to close sets you can see why. Those are just a few incidents to name.Why hadn’t Golden Voice and Coachella giving Trance a chance? In the past Coachella has brought trance djs such as Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, Gareth Emery,Paul Oakenfold,Christopher Lawrence,and NWP( New World Punx). I asked the age old question.. why only a few of trance artists have been featured on the lineup for the festival? Isn’t Coachella about embracing different genres of music? I dig to discover why GoldenVoice is just not booking these artists. 

(📸 courtesy of Coachella official Instagram

Let me set the record straight, about a few years ago I was all about the house music movement. With Swedish House Mafia retiring( Basically and for you non house music people they were a HUGE group made of Steve Angello, Axwell,Ingrosso),that is when my heart took a different beat.With that being said, as EDM took the driving seat I seen that Trance music was taking the back seat instead. We can be honest with ourselves nowadays the  newbies are all about the trap and main stage sets. With their Martin Garrix or their Marshmello(that made me throw up in my mouth a bit to say) guys driving the new age EDM I can see a clear reason why Golden Voice booked them for this year’s lineup.My 10 year old son loves Martin Garrix but this is because he really doesn’t understand that genre of Trance quite yet. It’s a different generation between us as his parents and him.Technology has really turned EDM into a huge stupid (yes I said it) movement.With all the social media glorifying these djs and showing how they flag their money off. Look I may come off as a old bitter raver but if anyone remember these days before these kids came along they will say Amen reading this. 

 ( 📸 by Me
Trance is one of the original EDM genres along with house music. When the genre is brought up there is 5 names that stand out. Tiesto( before he sold out), Armin, Paul Van Dyk,  Ferry Corsten,  and Markus Schulz. All these artists have such an influence in the trance community. It’s really surprising that almost all of these men have played Coachella. Is it possible that GoldenVoice understand their importance to us trance fans??? Like I mentioned before Trance has been given a chance the last few years with all the events and festivals. But is it also possible that GoldenVoice won’t book Trance artists because of the image of Coachella? In this business Image is EVERYTHING.Yes peeps EVERYTHING. But that can’t be a legit reason… because some of the best djs in the world are Trance djs. We may never know why GoldenVoice won’t showcase the genre but here is to hoping! 

(📸 by me
I will say this… Whenever these kids are ready for the magic of Trance, they are in for an amazing treat. I have always felt that trance is in their separate world for a reason. Big festivals feel like it’s not right for their image? Big festivals are just not ready for the sound of trance? I’m still in wonder of why GoldenVoice really don’t showcase trance artists. I mean last year the Yuma tent was mainly the techno genre. I say Golden Voice give Trance a chance. You will not be disappointed! 


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