The greatest Trance Tracks of All Time 🎶 

Whenever I hear one song it always floods a million feelings back. I took a poll on Facebook between my all my Trance loving friends what their favorite Trance track of all time is. It’s funny because I had some matches but a lot of my friends couldn’t pick just one. Now it’s hard to say if their is just one track that makes us all cry but I say my friends had a lot of great picks. 

Now these tracks might not be in order of genres but they are in order what my friends call the best ones. 

Raquel Martinez• Thrillseekers ft Aruna – Waiting here for you (Breakfast remix)

“No questions asked. This one has been my fave ever since it came out 10 years ago!!” 

That is her direct quote on how that song makes her feel. I say probably one of the best Vocal tracks to be remixed. 

Celeste Roncal Aguero
•  Dogzilla-Without you

“Its just a track that reminds me of why i love trance so much ♡ oldie but goodie. ” 

I would agree probably one of the best classic tracks that I still hear in sets these days! 

Tori Figueroa•  Paul VanDyk -Time of our Lives” 

Now I don’t have direct quote from Tori but the legend PVD made of the best and unique tracks ever. With live vocals and instruments along with trance this song is so beautiful!

Juan Andrade• Our 1st match on a classic track. Dogzilla – Without You 

Juan of course was referring to the original mix but of course I had to share John O’Callaghan’s remix 😌
Angel Garcia•Opera of the northern ocean – Rex Mundi  

If anyone has ever met me they know I LOVE COLDHARBOUR RECORDINGS! Angel of course loves them too. Angel being Juan’s brother after all I can see both of them have the same taste! Rex Mundi probably one of my favorites to come out of that label and this track proves it. 

Mario Reyes aka Mr SCEE ( 😂) • Children-Robert Miles 

Mario has unique tatse( to say the least) but I do agree that this track is an ultimate classic. Every time I hear it .. the song takes me away. A very beautiful track that is still relevant today. An updated version has been made by David Gravell which I heard at ASOT

Afzal Uz• Amsterdam- Luminary (Super8 & Tab Remix 

“All time favorite has to be Amsterdam – Luminary (Super8 & Tab Remix)!! First song that ever got me into trance. Other really close contenders are:
Anahera – Gouryella

Tuvan & Humming the Lights – Gaia

Man on the Run – Dash Berlin

The Reason – Alex Morph

Silhouette – DRYM (Allen & Envy Remix)

Sirens of the Sea – Above & Beyond

Cant Sleep – Above & Beyond” 
Patrick Naranjo•  Serenity-Armin Van Burren• Perception- Markus Schulz 

Aw my boyfriend. The trance almanac I call him. Now if you fully aware of his musical tatse you understand these are his two favorite djs. Legends that never drift away. These tracks are probably the best classics that I still hear in sets today. 

Patrick Gherrity• Darude-Sandstrom 

If you ask any trance fan what track never gets old .. they would answer Sandstrom. It may be a played out song but still a special one. 

Brooke Brown• Remember this-  Markus Schulz 

“Remember This” by #UnicornSlayer, “Rain” by #UnicornSlayer, the latest from Gouryella, anything from Paul Van Dyk. Full on Flouro Paul Van Duke . “Sun & Moon” by Above and Beyond. I could do this all day. Oh, and “Erase You” by #UnicornSlayer”  I was waiting for someone to mention remember this! Probably on my top 5 of trance tracks. 

Justin Virtucio• Paul Van Dyk- Home 

” Some of my favorites:

Paul Van Dyk – Home

Armin Van Buuren – Sound of the Drums

DJ Tiësto – Traffic” 

Roderick AngoluanMoonman- Galaxia

” I really cant pick one but these off the top of my head i can listen for hours

Moonman – Galaxia

CRW – I Feel Love 

Sasha & Darren Emerson – Scorchio (Full Length Version)

PVD – For an Angel 

PVD – We Are Alive

Push – Strangeworld

Paul Cruz• Paul Van Dyk- The love from above 

“Paul van dyk – the love from above

jurgen vries – the theme (dumonde remix)

super 8 & tab – elektra (solis & sean truby remix)

super8 & tab – helsinki scorchin’ (alex morph remix) “

And of course I am would save myself for last. It took a lot of thought into this but I narrowed it down to 3 tracks. 

Markus Schulz– Perception

Armin Van Burren– Shivers 

 Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight with Sarah Lynn – Silhouette (Allen & Envy Remix)  

Think every track has its special memory to it. Perception because Markus just has a gift for Trance. Armin because that is a classic track and Allen& Envy because they made a beautiful remix to a classic song. 

Thank you for everyone who helped me with this poll! Some amazing tracks that never go out of style no matter how many times you hear them! 


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