My love letter to Ruby Skye SF ♥️

San Francisco,CA 

This one .. this one hurts my readers. When I learned the news that my old stomping grounds Ruby Skye in San Fran was closing and turning into a music hall I broke down immediately. I’ve been going to the ledgandary club since I was 18 years old( That is a decade guys). Every time I think how much I love that club I get emotional. That place was my escape when I was going through some rough times. I wanted to pen a special letter to the club to remember all those special nights I spent there. 

Dear Ruby Skye, 

Wow what an experience over the years we have had together. I hardly remember the dj who played at the first event I went to in your walls but I do remember it was the start of a beautiful relationship. You were always there for me. The days where I was just fresh 18 looking for some self discovery to make sense of my messed up life. The days where I had been in a relationship with someone who  I thought I’d be with forever creating memories with him. The days where him and I broke up where I needed to get out of the house so I could get my mind off everything. The days where I had failed over and over at life. But my fondest memory was my first date with the love of my life. Ruby you never ceased to amaze me. I had seen every dj possible in your house. From Kaskade to Calvin Harris to Porter Robinson to Max Graham. From Ferry Corsten to Markus. Those are just to name a few. Countless nights  that I always will cherish for the rest of my life. It’s hard to say good bye to such a huge chunk of my life. How can you say goodbye at all? I feel like I’m losing a family member. My most precious memory however was when I got to meet Markus Schulz for the very first time. I made a complete idiot of myself but I would haven’t known about the TrancefamilyLA wristband story if I didn’t. Maybe that is the beauty of your club. Special moments like that can never be replaced. Even though you have been sort of replaced with a certain club down here in LA. But my darling you will never be replaced. You will always hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything you have given to me. Sad I wasn’t able to attend another event before you closed but I’ll never forget ♥️ 


Desaree 😊


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