Dreamstate SF 2017 X Through the Eyes of a True Trance Fan ♥️

San Francisco, CA 

This past weekend Insomniac’s all Trance Festival Dreamstate made a pit stop on the way to EDC LV in San Francisco.Unfortunately  I couldnt attended but I trusted a very resourceful source to tell me about their experience. 

Justin Virtucio is probably one of the biggest trance fans I know (Besides my husband of course). I met Justin through my husband which is how we are all connected. I remember the very first event we all attended together was Paul Van Dyk. Justin’s energy and passion for the trance scene is very clear when you attend an event with him. His emotions are over his face which are nothing but happy. If you ever met him you understand why type of soul Justin has. His energy feeds off of yours and it is just damn amazing. I’m so thankful to call him a friend. 

Justin has been attending Dreamstate events since it has been first announced. I’ve always seen Justin at events. I put full control into Justin’s hands this weekend to tell me how he enjoyed the 2nd installment of Dreamstate SF.  

“It’s remarkable how Dreamstate has evolved into movement where people from all over the world have the opportunity to connect and share their love and passion for Trance. The vibes and people at Dreamstate SF were absolutely amazing and props to Insomniac promotions for featuring some of the best DJ’s and producers around. “ 

A direct quote from Justin himself. I totally agree with him. I have only been to Dreamstate SoCal this last year( The first very one was when I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t attend). This type of event is so rare. Other events are great but there is something about Dreamstate that stands out from the rest. The type of crowd is draws is a mixed generation. We have new age trance fans to older veterans. From my opinion I feel like this festival beats every American festival. None the less Dreamstate is something every Trance fan needs to experience. 

“Night 1 debut Menno De Jong for his first Dreamstate performance and did an excellent job bringing the energy early in the night. A fan favorite, Liquid Ace featuring duo Liquid Soul and Ace Ventura ripped the roof off with heart thumping psytrance which is becoming very popular in North America. ” 

I have known Justin to be a fan of these two djs for a long time. I was very excited that he enojoyed Menno and Liquid Ace. 

“One of the most anticipated sets of the night was Dakota Nine Skies presented by Markus Schulz which is a project that he has been working on for quite some time. Markus’s set was a spiritual journey that featured dark techno and trance while incorporating some of the most intense stimulating visuals I have ever seen. Although the concept and motivation behind Dakota Nine Skies was brilliant, Markus’s performance unfortunately lacked the energy to keep headliners attentive and interested.I personally would love to see how Dakota Nine Skies evolves and believe that Markus should feature this set longer than 60 minutes” 

Now this is my favorite part of this article. If you know ME at all you know I LOVE Markus Schulz. Anything he puts out I’m butter to. I was very excited when he announced that he was doing another Dakota album. Dakota is know as Markus’s dark side of his djing. When I first started listening to him I caught him in a very different space. Now this Markus is very dark which I like. I caught a little bit of the Dakota set on Facebook. I was very happy from what I saw. I’m glad he is stepping out of his box. Something I have seen other djs do. 

“Notable sets were Paul Oakenfold presents Generations and Paul Van Dyk my favorite DJ where he single handily lifted my spirit to end the night.”

Well said my friend. Well said. Lets move on to Night 2. Justin perfectly sums it up. 

“Dreamstate Night 2 had no short coming and was one of the best nights I have ever experienced.The lineup was insanely stacked and I was eager to see how the night unfolded.” 

With all excitement of the event at a rise, Night 2 from what I saw over social media looked so amazing! Justin shared a few of his favorite sets. 

“Bryan Kearney without surprise stole the show for many and could tell he put in a lot of time in the studio this past year which showed every minute during his performance. All I have to say is, “Bryan, Bryan, Bryan Fucking Kearney!!!”

I can not disagree with Justin. Bryan puts on an amazing show anywhere at anytime. He is a true trance artist that shows his passion through his sets. Probably the biggest regret for myself is missing his Dreamstate set. 

“One of my favorite headliner highlights was when John O’Callaghan played “How Can I” featuring Jessica Lawrence. It was at that moment I knew that Dreamstate SF has been written. It was perfect.” 

John O Callahan probably everytime you see him makes you shed a few tears. His soul and passion comes out in his sets that is clear as day. “How Can I” is my favorite songs of his. He has something magical that represents Dreamstate itself. 

Justin sums probably every experience that each headliner felt at that moment. 

“Dreamstate SF was absolutely amazing and has become one of my all time favorite events to attend. I can’t wait for what the future holds and looking forward to making new memories with the Trance Family” 

Dreamstate SF is something every Trance fan if they don’t go to the SoCal edition must experience. Even if it’s not your first rodeo or even it’s your first, we all can come together to experience this amazing event. Next up is Dreamstate at EDC Las Vegas. Oh it’s gonna be a good one. As it takes over a whole stage for 3 days this time. Keep on dreaming Dreamers. 

Xoxo 💙


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