What it Takes to Break into the Business X a story of a Raver turned Journalist 🎶

Los Angeles CA, 

Hi my lovely readers ♥️

This post is a little different from what I usually write. From the power of social media. I have many people ask me how I started writing in the first place. I never been that type of person that is shy but to be a writer you must not give a crap what people say. When I first started blogging I was scared to put my feelings about the dance community out there. I had a fear of rejection. It crosses over in my personal life as well so I knew this was going to be a tough adventure. When the public asks me for advice I always dig deep and remember the early days. So I will share my advice to you new and upcoming writers out there. 


                                   Early days 

Not many of my friends or even my readers know my early start. This is my story how I even got into dance music in the first place. I was 17 years old searching for something to give my life purpose. I grew up in a very abusive home. I am surprised that I even got out of that situation when I did. So at 17 I went to go visit my dad on the weekend( my parents shared custody of me). I had this friend in the living in San Francisco and she told me about this warehouse party. I asked her what type of music they were going to play ” Don’t worry about it Desaree… you will see”. So I decided to sneak out of the house( if my dad ever reads this I am sorry) and I took off to join my friend on this trip to San Francisco. I swear the mintute I walked into that warehouse I was mesmerized by everything and everyone. I knew in that moment I was home. After that I never looked back. 

( Photo courtesy of Dancing Astronunt.com) 

                   Breaking into the Writing business 

Once I started to have some years in the raving world I decided I wanted to find a way to express my feelings and also give back to the community. I had heard about this internship with Live Nation. At this time Live Nation wasn’t showcasing a lot of the ” EDM” generation. I said screw it and applied immediately. It came down to me and this other person. I was nervous. I remember getting the call that I got the internships wasso happy.  As I quickly learned nothing in life is ever easy. I realized that the company wasn’t somewhere I would have a long term career at. I did learn a lot from that internship however. Thus began my blog. I hardly remember the first name of my blog. I have changed it so many times it’s comical. I DO remember that it was a place where I could convay my thoughts. I never felt more alive. As my blog was live I started applying for writing jobs. I wanted to horn my talents. I came across this job at the Dj List who I worked for untill 2012. That job opened a lot of doors for me. I got to do interviews with the best djs in the world. Which gave me the freedom to use my interview skills. The most nerve wracking moment was when I got to interview my favorite dj( at least back then) Kaskade. I had no experience with interviewing before. But I handled it like a pro. 

                              Moving on  

It’s always difficult to move from one job to the next. After I left The Dj List I heard of another opportunity with Dancing Astronaut. This job is where I solely focused on festival recaps. Those pieces are my soul. Festival pieces bring the best out of me because they are from my point of view. As I slowly progressed I found out that working for company  websites wasn’t for me. That I really wanted to work on my own blog instead. Coachella 2014 was my last festival I would write for the website. I felt like I neglected my blog for long enough. I started working on my audience but something was missing. As I moved down to LA from San Francisco my musical taste shifted. No longer in my house music days I shifted to trance music. Thus began my friendship with Robert from Trancelife.us! 


                                      Trance life.Us

I met Rob actually through the power of social media. He sent me a message asking me if I wanted to write for him. I told him sure. At that time I didn’t have any experience with trance music writing but I was very dedicated to the dance music scene. Rob is a very loyal Trance fan. My first piece was on Markus Schulz at Basement in San Diego. It was a really fun piece for me. I had only seen Markus maybe a few times( Unbelievable now because I have seen him more). I felt I could be myself writing for Rob. He fully trusted my voice. Rob really helped me break out of my shell for Trance. Him and I are still great friends. He unfortunately hasn’t been working on the website but when I was working for him I focused on podcast write ups and show recaps. Which I found very rewarding. I learned a lot working with Rob why I think it shows in my writing here.

                  The La Trance Scene Blog 

Once I stopped working full time at my day job I decided I needed a change. I needed to really find out what my passion was again. I felt like because I no longer listened to house I wanted to focus on my blog with trance. I began to think of names. I had the LA Trance Scene Blog in my mind for about 6 months. I didn’t know how to really bring it to life. Once I created this blog it took off! Now that the blog is up  I do not regret the journey it has been to get here. So many hurdles. I am in the best place in my writing career. I know have the freedom to be UNCENSORED. I can be honest with my readers. Which is why I started to write in the first place. I now have an Instagram page for the blog and currently in the works for a YouTube channel. I am very excited for the future. I know this blog will have an amazing impact. 

                              My Advice 

I can say honestly if you work hard for something that you believe in, your dreams will come true. I never gave up. Even when people told me I wouldn’t amount to anything. I gave them a BIG FUCK YOU and made my dreams a reality. I didn’t stop being hungry as well. I hustled because that is exactly who I am. Network your butt off and you will get there. I tell you guys this because you can sit on your dreams! Make them a reality! 

Always remember market the crap out of yourself. Social media is HUGE these days. That is what has helped me with gaining my audience. 

Always remember as well don’t lose your voice. Stay true to yourself and your readers. It’s up to you to make those dreams come true. 


Desaree @ The LA Trance Scene Blog 


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