Dreamstate SoCal Returns X Trance Giving💙🎶

San Bernadino CA

With the debut of Quantum Valley at EDC just this weekend, it was announced that its originator Dreamstate SoCal will be returning in the fall. The setting is no other than NOS in San Bernadino. NOS has been a staple for Insomniac’s past events. It is a great location for trance music as last year the event went on a larger scale. The first year Dreamstate happened it was 1 stage. Last year it was increased to 4 stages. The Dream,The Vision,The Sequence and Timeless took over NOS in November 2016. Now Dreamstate will take over NOS again with all of us eager to see how it will turn out this year! Will it be one stage? Will be it 4 stages? We will see. 
For updates, ticket info etc make sure to follow Dreamstate on Instagram  (Dreamstate’s Instagram

See you Dreamers in November 💙

( Photo courtesy of Dreamstateusa.com


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