EDC X Past Experience 🎶

Los Angeles,CA 

With Electric Daisy Carnival just right around the corner, this will be my 3rd year I have not returned to the speedway. When people ask me why I haven’t returned in years, this is my answer “Life happened”. Once upon a time my life was all about EDC. I was talking about the festival non stop. That seems like another lifetime ago. Now with a family it’s hard to fit any festival let alone a night out in my hectic schedule. This year being my 11th year of raving(which doesn’t feel that long) I wanted to share the experiences I had with EDC. 

*My photos from the festival are no longer on my social pages so I used google. 


Ah my first EDC seems like yesterday. At that time there was no speedway, no Vegas, no crazy character stages, no totems. It was just one simple stage. At that time I believe it was only 2 days(before that it was just one day). I remember walking into LA Memorial Colisuem thinking “Wow is this real life”. I seen people in weird costumes and I laughed. I was such a rave virgin back then. Nothing will ever compare to me walking down those stairs into paradise. I’m sure people now in Vegas will say that about EDC there. I remember this was the year my former favorite Dj played. That was the very first time I saw him. Thus began my love affair with EDC.  

(photos courtesy of google/insomniac.com) 


This will always be my favorite EDC ever. Even now I don’t care… it will always be my favorite. This was the very last year it was in LA which I believe makes it even more special. Once again when I walked down the stairs a smile came across my face knowing this was home again. To think I saw Swedish House Mafia in their prime(RIP) is unreal. It’s funny because at that time I didn’t even know much of Armin but I saw him. I was so deep into my house days at that time that trance wasn’t even a thought! I remember sitting I the stands on the last day I said to myself “How did I get so lucky in life”. Little did I know that this would be the last I saw of the coliseum. 

(Photos courtesy of google/insomniac.com)


After EDC was moved to Vegas, I was excited to see what EDC was going to become. I was very sad however because LA had its own special vibe. Vegas though took its temporary place in my heart. That year I went with my then BF and our friends. That year wasn’t the best trip. I had gotten sick from the Vegas heat. I didn’t realize it at the time but my anxiety had started to surface. I just couldn’t handle the crowds. As far as the festival it was amazing. The simple stages were still there which made me happy. At time I was super into SHM so I was in the front for that set. I am glad I got to experience EDC before it turned into what it is now. 

(Photos courtesy of google/insomniac.com)


This year was a fun one. I had just started working for one of the websites I worked for and they gifted me a press pass. Which really did come in handy. This was the year however that the wind shut down the speedway. Some djs didn’t let that stop them. I do remember( it’s funny now because I hardly saw him back then) I saw Markus Schulz get on the decks and play. The whole trip was something else. I had the true VIP treatment. Hands down it was a great trip. I went solo on this one and had more fun than in a group. 

( photos courtesy of google/insomniac.com)


Ah this was my last year at EDC. So sad to think about it now because EDC has a special place in my heart. This year I got to go with some of my best friends. However my friends were into some bad music so I decided to venture into other stages by myself. It’s funny because Trance wasn’t getting showcased back then. I could only imagine if Dreamstate was there back then. Maybe it wasnt the right time. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for myself to listen to trance. Maybe that EDC was telling me that my life was about to change. This EDC was my closing chapter on the love story we had together. I’m glad however because EDC wasn’t the same to me as it was in LA. I guess it will never be. 

(Photos courtesy of google/insomniac.com)

Electric Daisy Carnival will always be special to me, I was ready to move on to other festivals after 2013. With other festivals brought other opportunities. EDC however was a stepping stone for my writing career. I’m glad I got to experience the magic of EDC before it turned into what it is today. Not saying that it’s bad it’s just not the same it used to be. With that being said, to all my friends going enjoy this year. I wish I could be there but don’t worry we will all have a reunion again soon! To EDC, thank you so much for all the memories owner the years. Till we meet again! 


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