EDC X Through the eyes of True Ravers 🎶

Las Vegas NV, 

It is that time again as the weather starts getting warmer, Festival season kicks off. A week ago thousands of ravers flocked to Las Vegas to enjoy the 21st installment of Electric Daisy Carnival. They were hoping  for an unforgettable experience. Since going to EDC several years in a row the festival brings so many great memories. Just like Dreamstate San Francisco I trusted two very individuals to tell me about their EDC experiences going to the festival solo. Celeste Roncal Aguero and Mahfous Roman are two ravers that represents what the scene is all about. We all are connected by our love of trance. They are two ravers that we can learn lessons from. I asked them to share their experience at EDC 2017 with an open mind. They did not hold back. Now we begin with Celeste. 


“Day 1: no matter how hot it was my blood was pumping and so excited just to enter EDC! Excited for the VII stage at quantum valley, unfortunately i missed will atkinson due to the long lines, but boy did john askew make up for that! He was incredible per usual, he seems to always know what the crowd wants, whether he has a 10 pm spot or a 3 am spot. Next up my next favorite, simon! He has a special place in my heart always, he knows how to make me dance my butt off, the vibes in quantum valley were great! Despite the fact that it was a tent, it still had ventilation and was not so packed on friday. So many people wearing VII shirts it was amazing the support he got 🙂. It was then time to move on to neon garden which has always sparked my interest every year, the booming sounds of techno was so satisfying” 

(Photo by Celeste) 

I would say I’m not much of a fan of those djs because my true loves are progressive and uplift. Never the less Celeste captures day 1 from her perspective so perfectly. When reading this, I felt like I was actually at the speedway with her. Lets move onto day 2. 

Day 2: so this is what death feels like LOL! tired and exhausted honestly did not want to go at all! But i got my ass up ate a good meal and went to the festival, the traffic was terrible but allowed me to relax some more in the car. The quantum valley lineup wasn’t my fav but still managed to catch purple haze which was a all time fav for saturday! Many of friends seen me on the live stream it was great! I was especially excited for purple haze since i’ve never seen him as his alias! That was such a amazing set, smiling from ear to ear watching the good ol sander back up there again! I then ventured off into the neon garden and wasteland for a while. John digweed the true man of techno! What a set! Hard pumping beats that had everyone off their ass and grooving to the beats! Up next, green velvet!  boy oh boy what a treat he was. Played his signature song “flash” as well as others. Also managed to find bella thorne that day on the wide awake art car, hung out with her for a while, so much fun! 

Ah.. great explanation of the issues I heard from this year’s EDC. I’ll be honest when I went to EDC in Vegas there were some issues including traffic. Yet the issues were not as bad as the last few years. Since EDC has moved to Vegas there has been a at least one reported death. It’s very sad that the desert can bring deaths but they are always preventable. Now as she speaks about Sander Van Doorn aka Purple Haze my excitement for you readers to read her experience grows within me. For those who haven’t seen his alias I won’t elaborate too much on his sets to keep the element of surprise. Personally I saw him at Ultra and blew me out of the water. I always been a fan of Sander but haven’t been one because the last few yearhe has changed his musical style. However Purple Haze is a set YOU do not want to miss. Lets move onto Day 3! 

(Photos by Celeste) 

Day 3: aka (TRANCETASTIC DAY!!!!!) i don’t care how hard it was to get out of bed or how tired i was i was SO STOKED for the lineup today!! My blood was pumping so fast my heart racing almost out of my chest! Bryan kearney: this guy always seems to capture my heart, whether its vocals or 140 he does it for me everytime! JOC: what else do i need to say?! His name says it all! I thought i was going to be the only one with a subculture flag..boy was i wrong! I seen so many flags waving them proudly in support of the label and JOC …fadi: oh fadi…the man who knows how to swoon all the trance ladies! Especially during “beyond the lights” brought a couple of tears to my eyes! PVD: was great..decided to take a breather and sit down in carnival square (they were showing each stage up on a different screen in different areas)! so i sat there and watched him..damn you pvd killing me ‘for an angel’ and ‘home’ always takes me back to EDCLA 2010..and last but not least all hail king markus schulz pres. Dakota! Ive been waiting over 10 years to see him as dakota! Visuals:9 vocals:9 presentation:9! He gave the crowd what they wanted and gave me chills down my spine! I look forward to seeing him in the future as dakota 

Day three.. the closing day of EDC. Now this is my favorite part of the festival. The last day where you have to cherish every moment knowing tomorrow is Monday. You must return back to reality. It’s hard to go back to reality after any event. Celeste told her Day three with so much passion. Bryan Kearney is one of my top djs in uplift. Just like any other uplift Dj THEY MAKE YOU CRY! Which brings us to Aly&Fila. Fadi always makes even the tiniest tear roll down my cheek with the tracks he puts into his set. That is the thing with trance in general, it’s the most emotional genre of dance music. Cue Paul Van Dyk the king of emotion with his endless emotional tracks. A true legend in his own right. Celeste said that she was taking a break but she could  still see Paul’s set. I can relate to those tracks she mentioned that bring her back to EDC 2010 as I have a soft spot for that year. 

Now the moment I was waiting for the whole weekend… Markus! As I write this post I get a little emotional knowing that I yet again missed another Dakota set. When Markus announced that he would be bringing back his alias Dakota earlier this year my heart couldn’t take the news. He debut Dakota presents the Nine Skies at Dreamstate SF which had great reviews. This time however he debut the full show at EDC.

(Photos by Celeste)

All in all edc was amazing! Despite the heat! I seen so many familiar faces and finally met some new family! I would do it alone again if i had too!

I just wanna say thank you to Celeste for sharing her experience with us. The fact she went to EDC by herself takes guts. Before I met my partner in crime I did festivals by myself. Yet when you have your other half it’s harder to experience those festivals alone. As long as you have a great time you can lose yourself in the music! 
This website is strictly about trance music but I had asked Mahfous to venture to other stages to see the difference between our world vs other genres worlds. To be honest I’ll always be a trance head but at one time I was all about house music. I’m glad he shared other stages as EDC is about those other genres as well. 


EDC Day 1: The sun is setting, and EDC begins. As the Trance Lover I am I go straight to Quantum Valley AKA DreamState, where the VII crew makes their EDC debut. John Askew absolutely destroyed the dance floor. Personally my favorite set of the evening. Kinetic Field aka Mainstage held several of my favorite Dance artists such as Will Sparks, as well as Armin van Buuren, who both took my voice away! Amazing and of course underrated in my opinion. We also have the WasteLand, where Hardstyle lovers unite together to become BassCon warriors, which quite frankly if you have energy and want to feel vibration through your body that’s the place to be. Angerfist known as the number 1 DJ of Hardcore blew me away. Intensity at its finest. Closing Day 1 for me was the legend Sean Tyas inside the Quantum Valley, and he shows us all why he’s a legend as well as a loved artist in Trance music. Overall an amazing evening with many breathtaking performances.
Mahfous always captures his day 1 at the festival so perfectly. He doesn’t just stick to trance he went to other stages. EDC is all about diversity which sometimes this real world lacks. Why can’t we live in a world like this! Lets move onto Day 2. 

(Photo by Mahfous)

EDC Day 2:

Back again under the Electric Sky, flames already upon the sky. I head in, starting my night with Laidback Luke who is a legend and lived up to that for sure. Then midway LL’s set I left to Wasted Penguins who are legendary hardstyle acts that I couldn’t miss. The energy was so top-notch it’s indescribable. Leaving the WasteLand I head back home to Quantum Valley, where the legends Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani join forces to give the fans Pure-NRG, they were playing drums and literally producing along with mixing music. Absolutely uplifting. After, was Sander van Doorn presenting Purple Haze followed by Ferry Corsten. Trance fans who know Purple Haze know that it’s something special and you just can’t miss out on that. Exceeded my expectations honestly. Ferry Corsten wasn’t too many “Trance Lovers” favorite from what I saw/overheard but when he played Anahera as well as his new tracks from Blueprint it made me feel so happy and it was all smiles. Back to the WasteLand where a legend was on the decks, DJ Isaac. “Let the beat control your vibe!”, the energy, the love, and the heat made his set something else! I was fortunate enough to meet him after and take a picture with him! Pure class act! I go back once again, home to DreamState where the melodic, filthy, insane, sounds of Liquid Soul just made me feel so groovy, I didn’t even know I had some of those moves in me! Now, as far as the BassPod goes I’m not into that scene at all, but it’s EDC you gotta give new things a try. Valentino Khan is who I saw as the beautiful fireworks went up in the sky. Different vibe in the BassRush scene, from Mosh Pits, to girls twerking on random guys it wasn’t my scene but I gave it a shot. Saw Snails as well. I decided to see Gareth Emery who played a set that let everyone know why he is in Trance music today. Amazing. Then I head to Kinetic Field, to see Willem and Wart, also known as W&W, who are my favorite Mainstage DJs! The flames, confetti, Vegas heat, fireworks, and compressed people made their set by far my favorite of the weekend since Wart did give me a couple thumbs up! 👍🏼! They even played several Trance tracks which was special. Closing out the for me night were the legends of Infected Mushroom. Psytrance, Hard Trance, legends from Israel that just took the crowd by storm. A must see act live for sure. Dehydrated, voice is gone, hat with dripping sweat.. probably lost like 8 pounds! Day 2 was one I’ll never forget.

(Photos by Mahfous) 

Laid back Luke… the one house Dj that I always had a soft spot for. LL was probably the only house Dj I have seen more than any trance dj( Even though Markus is currently in that place). His sets always bring those vibes that make you wanna dance. Mahfous said he had seen Purple Haze, Gareth, W&W, Pure NRG,and  Ferry Cortsen(Who by far will change your life with his sets). Mahfous wraps up day 2 with emotions. As he looked around the fireworks going off, I’m sure he had a moment where he didn’t want the festival to end. Like I said earlier in this post, the not wanting of the end of the festival always creeps up. No escaping reality unfortunately with EDC. Lets move onto Day 3! 


EDC Day 3: One stage. All night. A place I call home known as DreamState. Stacked lineup and I told myself going down those bleachers I’m not leaving once. Leiel, Ace Ventura, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Aly and Fila, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz presents Dakota, ATB, Waio. I thought I was prepared but my lord these guys took my soul and purified it with Trance greatness. Leiel set up Ace Ventura so well and it was flawless. Yoni aka Ace Ventura played music he is known for which is groovy Psytrance. After 4 years I finally got to see the man Bryan Kearney. With tracks like Proper Order and Say Nothing, I was sure I’d hear nothing but pure greatness. He lived up to my expectations and by far the best set that night so far. When he played his new hit, All Over Again with Plumb, I started crying. I felt so emotional because not only was it my first time seeing Kearney but he looked at me and smiled sending a message through me saying “You’ll be alright.” John O’ Callaghan, played a phenomenal set which I cried twice during as well. He’s a special artist. Aly and Fila, started off a bit slow, let people take a breather from getting destroyed by JOC. He then started speeding it up and literally gave the people The Future Sound of Egypt. He had a bit of technical difficulties which made “Trance Lovers” leave but the one and only Paul van Dyk, played the most beautiful set and although you can’t see the fireworks show at 1:22am you can feel the emotion as he went on. What a legend and motivation. I got to tell him thank you for speaking your language of music to me as well as the Trance Family. Now, 1:30am it was time for my idol and the reason I fell in love with Trance music to get on the decks Markus Schulz, presenting Dakota, The Nine Skies. The full show and after 6 years of waiting it was time. Through the most powerful music in the world he gave us 9 enlightening messages, from the life of a pathfinder, to an activist, to a visionary. I was absolutely shocked not only because of the tracks he played (which I never heard before) but to unite a tent full of people the way he did was astonishing. I cried 2 times and when he played Running Up That Hill it was beautiful I love him, as he loves his fans and continues to work endlessly for us all. ATB was a first for me, I never checked him out since he isn’t what he used to be as I was told but I had to see for myself. In my honest opinion he is a legend, who showcased that at EDC. Closing out the night was Waio as well as Vini Vici, so I needed fresh air and I checked out Vini Vici who played the tracks they’re known for but with a massive crowd. It was intense. Waio who I saw at Beyond Wonderland, absolutely smashed it. He is an amazing artist who deserves to be closing EDC as well as DreamState. 

(photos by Mahfous featuring Mariusz Roj) 

Mahfous stayed at Quantum Valley all day for  Trance! It’s true that day the lineup was stacked for the closing day. Since I’m not much of a fan of PSY Trance we will start with JOC. Being a very much of a fan girl of him every set always makes me just breakdown. So I agree with Mahfous you will get destroyed by a JOC set. Of course Aly&Fila can not go without being mentioned. Again just like Celeste, Mahfous enjoyed Fadi’s nice little breather for Trance fans. Now we come to Markus again. Who is why Mahfous and myself are connected in the first place. If you follow my personal page you know Markus is my number one Dj as he is Mahfous’s idol. I was very excited to hear what Mahfous felt about the Nine Skies. Of course he loved it. His favorite track was Running up the Hill. Running up the Hill is also my favorite song why I relate to Mahfous I cry every time I hear it. So much emotion that Markus brings to any of his sets. Why he truly holds such a special place in my heart and also Mahfous’s heart as well.    


Day 3, the last day. Took out everything I had. As EDC was over, I passed by every stage and I just took deep breaths. I did EDC all by myself and I did it with pride. Representing the Trance Family of LA! It was beautiful and the tears were worth it.

What a perfect conclusion to a great weekend for these headliners. I can never thank these two enough. I know they will read this post knowing that they experienced EDC by themselves and it’s an accomplishment that shouldn’t be unrecognized. 

 Celeste and Mahfous thank you for agreeing to be featured in this post . You two captured EDC 2017 that those who couldn’t be there actually feel like they were. Till next year headliners! 

(Photo courtesy of Dreamstate’s official Instagram) 


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