Dreamstate SoCal X The biggest lineup in history ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽถ

San Bernadino, CA 

With the biggest Trance music event just around the corner, argumentatively the biggest lineup known to man was dropped this week for Dreamstate SoCal 2017. Since Dreamstate has started, insomniac has brought the best trance artists for every subgenre of Trance. This year’s lineup started off with a bang. On June 28th Dreamstate posted a teaser video on their social media outlets with a very clear message. This lineup will blow us Trance fans out of the water. The video sent fans in a panic the our pryers have been answered. GAIA will be playing this year !! Yes you heard that correctly the special occasion Gaia! The duo is made of Armin Van Burren and Benno de Goeij. Gaia only plays  rare sets in the last few years and it looks like they are making a comeback!! 

(Photo courtesy of Dreamstate’s official Instagram) 

As last week rolled around, no surprise that GAIA was announced first on the lineup for Dreamstate.Which confirmed our suspensions. All over social media Dreamers went crazy knowing this must be a DREAM literally. That was just the start of what an epic lineup this truly is. With the second day of announcements that brought some favorites like JOC& Bryan Kearney presents key 4050, Jude Jules( A classic set), Giuseppe Ottaviani 2.0, Orjan Nielsen and The Thrillseekers presents Hydra . Personally looking forward to seeing all those these sets as these djs are legends. Day three of announcements brought some more favorites such as Alex M.O.R.P.H., Alpha 9( Arty’s alias), Ferry Tayle, Kristina Sky, Marlo( Tech Energy set), and Rank 1 . Some of these djs are dear to our heart. We think they deserve their spot on this lineup!! As day four approached, this day brought just to name a few djs such as Ben Gold( who by the way was amazing last year), JOC( Solo Set), Bryan Kearney ( Solo set), David Gravell, Marco V, Mauro Picotto, and Thomas Datt. After seeing this announcement this is when things got a little interesting. On Facebook We got so many messages that fans were excited that Marco V and Mauro Picotto were added to the lineup! 

(Photos courtesy of Dreamstates official Instagram) 

With day five’s announcements it was all about Psy Trance. Vini Vinci, Neelix, Ace Ventura, Astrix and Captian Hook just a few added to the Dreamstate lineup for those fans of Psy. Not really my cup of tea but glad that Dreamstate will have those for those who do love that genre. 

( Photo courtesy of Dreamstate’s official Instagram) 

With the last day on the horizon, this was going to be huge for the Dreamers of Dreamstate. We never thought we see the day this would of happened because this artist hasn’t played an insomniac event besides EDC in a long time. Lets say it together everyone.. ARMIN VAN BURREN. Now we can all hug each other and cry. Yes you heard that RIGHT… Armin Van Burren. Again social media went into a panic that Armin was the very last to be announced!  Armin exclusively focuses on his ASOT radio show and touring himself. So Armin being on the lineup is a special treat as us Californians only see him in a blue moon. 

(Photo courtesy of Dreamstates official Instagram) 

After taking some time to take in the lineup, THIS hands down beats every Dreamstate lineup. Passes expected to go on sale tomorrow at noon. There will be a payment plan for those who can’t pay upfront. Passes for 2 days will start at 130$ plus fees. VIP will start at 230$ plus fees. So don’t forget to get yours as this event is to expected to sell out!! We are so excited to see you Dreamers this November for Trancegiving! 

( Featured image courtesy of Dreamstate’s official Instagram) 


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