Ferry Corsten presents Goureylla ” From the Heavens” Documentary 🎢 X How Emotional Trance came back πŸ’™

Los Angeles, CA 

The very first time I seen a Goureylla set was back in march of last year at Beyond Wonderland in San Bernadino CA. Being such a novice to trance still, I felt like seeing that set made me a seasoned veteran. I needed that breath of fresh air after a disappointing set before Goureylla came on. Once I heard the first cord of his first track he played I was transported to another world. Now it being July 2017, after seeing Goureylla four times I can say that each time has changed my life.  Ferry Corsten just released his music documentary ” Ferry Corsten presents Goureylla From the heavens”. It tells the story of the resurrection of this alias made famous by Ferry in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. The documentary also features Ferry’s industry friends Markus Schulz, Armin Van Burren, Fadi from Aly&Fila, Marlo, Tony from Above and Beyond, Cosmic Gate, and many more talking about Goureylla and the trance community. For Ferry himself reflecting on his alias he is very happy that he created something special ” At first I didn’t want to do a show cause in my eyes once you touch something perfect the bigger the chances you will ruin it. But then again I wanted to bring this sound out again to a wider audience. What a better way to do this show and play big festivals.” For those who are not aware of Ferry’s alias Goureylla, I’ll take you back to the very beginning of what now is the best alias of his creative mind. 

(photo by Patrick Naranjo) 

With the booming Trance Scene in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s, Armin Van Burren says it the best when speaking about the scene in the documentary. ” Some may say that was the golden age of Trance and I agree”. When I speak to older Trance heads , the speak of this such ” Golden Years” has brought out this such enthusiasm in their eyes. From the outside looking in, those years brought out the best tracks that are still relevant today. Ferry and Goureylla were a cornerstone for many trance artists. Such as Markus Schulz. ” I remember when I first heard Goureylla I was living in London and on the radio there was a lot of commercialize music and then Goureylla came on the radio it stopped you in your tracks”. These guys watching what Ferry was doing inspired them to keep that booming Trance Scene alive like Ferry did. Speaking of this, My favorite snip of the documentary comes from Markus himself when speaking about trance. ” Well Trance never really went away… with that being said I think trance was tarnished for a while”. Even Fadi from Aly&Fila agreed “Some people saying trance is dead.  For myself and Aly&Fila playing shows every night I don’t see it”. Even Marlo chimes in “ I don’t know if it left it’s hard to see it that way”.  I believe that Goureylla is keeping Trance alive with the purest form of trance known as emotional trance. 

(photo by Patrick Naranjo) 

From my personal opinion seeing Goureylla twice this last year, the visuals WERE on point. These is a special message that I think Ferry wants to bring across that is very clear. That message is that in this world we live in we need some light at the end of the tunnel. With trance I tend to get emotional because those tracks speak to my heart. They bring out the best of me. Goureylla sets however… those are something else for me. I remember that first time I saw Goureylla, I was holding my boyfriend knowing that I was in a comfort zone. Those visuals blaring in my face, these messages coming across the screen gave me some inspiration to really hold on to what is dear to my heart. Even this last year at Dreamstate SoCal in the freezing cold, I still supported Ferry because a Goureylla set is special. In the documentary Fadi describes a Goureylla set so perfect “ I attended the first Goureylla set, I was playing in Atlantis in Australia. I was blown away by it. I’m like this is amazing… I felt like I was back in the day 10-15 years ago … like this is the good stuff”. Fadi being someone who is very keen on emotional trance really says it the best. You are transported to another time when you see a Goureylla set. 

(photo by Justin Virtucio) 

The resurrection of what Ferry did back in the 90’s/ early 2000’s is something I believe every true Trance fan needs to discover. With the release of “Anahera”, that was just the beginning of the new face of Goureylla has done. That track truly is very emotional. Comic Gate describes the track the best “People were longing for that emotional trance“. Indeed we were. Even now hearing “Anahera” I can’t help but shed a few tears. That track made us realize Ferry was back! 

Whatever is in store for Goureylla in the future  Ferry is hopeful ” I don’t think Goureylla is going to end. It’s a project that will return every year with a new single. I don’t know when I’ll do the show but Goureylla will continue and what comes after Goureylla I’m working on it right now. It will go where … Goureylla goes there and it will be here” I honestly feel the same way. Goureylla will never die. It is a huge part of the trance scene. If Ferry ever reads this, thank you for creating something that I think we needed. Some inspiration in this cruel world. 

(photo courtesy of Insomniac) 

” From the Heavens” is now on YouTube! Link to video below! 


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