Coldharbour Night X Grube&Hovsepian, Arkham Knights, Ronski Speed and Adina Butar πŸ’™πŸŽΆ

Los Angeles,CA 

LA has a huge trance music following if that isn’t pretty clear from social media taking over the community. In this day in age we have noticed more that trance is emerging in its own way. There is no doubt that Coldharbour Recordings has a huge influence in the trance community. Founded by Markus Schulz he has created in our opinion a label that is filled with talented individuals. No secret that Coldharbour Nights in LA are special. Those nights have that vibe in the air that makes them something to remember! This past Saturday the Coldharbour crew took over Avalon Hollywood. There was a packed lineup with Grube&Hovsepian, Arkham Knights, Ronski Speed and Adina Butar. As we made our way to the club, excitement was building up. It felt like it was going to be a great night.


​(photo and video by us) 

Starting the night was Grube&Hovsepian, a duo that has releases singles such as “City of Angels” and “Trickster”. Made of Tim Grube and Mike Hovsepian they are true talents as they mirror some of Markus’s sound when they play their sets. Sort of a dark progressive that is very rare these days. Their sets have this dark vibes that perfectly fit with Avalon. Up next was Ronski Speed who has been featured on Markus’s podcast Global Dj Broadcast. He has a softer sound in the trance community but still stays true to the Coldharbour sound. He has made such tracks as “Lasting Light” Feat. Emma Hewitt, and “Glueck (Ronski Speed & Cressida)”. By far our personal favorite moment is when he dropped  “Saving Light” (which is one of the best trance tracks currently) during  his set as the crowd went insane! You felt the energy was building up and that it wouldn’t die.  

(Photo and video by us)

The queen of Coldharbour Adina Butar took the stage as she was going to sing a few tracks. Adina is a  vocalist that has been featured on “Muse” and “You and I”. She in fact sung my two favorites from her with “Right in the night” and “Without you”. Her stage presence is something that is very clear  that makes her performances astonishing. There was actual chills up the spine when she sang “Right in the Night”. A cover by her but we believe it’s better than the original. She is irreplaceable on Coldharbour and her sound fits right with the label. To close out the night was the most anticipated set personally… Arkham Knights. Made up of brothers Stu and Ben Turner are hands down one of our favorites from Coldharbour. With their releases of “Knightfall” and “Afterworld” has put Arkham Knights in a class of their own. Their set from Avalon was very dark progressive that once again fits Coldharbour’s sound. Stu played a perfect set that was a great way to end a very fun night. Took us down the rabbit hole then back to light again. His brother and him are very talented that we feel like not too many trance fans may know their sound. Surprising enough Avalon fed off the energy and went with it. Like we stated said it was the perfect way to close the night. 

​(photos and videos by us) 

This installment of Coldharbour LA was one of the best nights spent at Avalon Hollywood. Everyone gave their best and it showed. We can not wait for the next one. Below linked all the artist social media of you want to stay update on their shows. Also below is Coldharbour’s social media as well! See you guys at the next one!  

(Photo by us) 


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