Five Trance Labels breaking ground X Trance is Taking Over the Music Industry πŸ’™

Los Angeles CA,

There is no secret that trance music has had a force so strong in the music industry. Not only that but trance music labels are the driving forces for talented artists. Labels these days are creating a safe haven for artists to express themselves freely. We break down some of our favorite labels that are shuting down the so called ” EDM world” by simply bringing amazing tracks and artists to light. 


If you are reading this and thinking that another label would gain the number one spot you are incorrect. The main reason why we picked Armada is because the label has been legendary for trance music fans. Not just made of trance Armada has other genres of dance music but ASOT (A State of Trance) steams from Armada. Every artist you can think of has been apart of the label at one point. Started by Armin Van BuurenArmada has been a such an powerhouse to trance artists to horn their talents. Such as Armin, Dash Berlin, David Gravell, Marlo, and Standerwick. These such names have brought us fans so many phenomenal tracks that we hear on the dance floor. Not only did the label jump start some careers but Armin has created one of the best labels in the world. 

(Photo by us. Taken at Ultra Miami this year) 


It’s possibly the biased in us picking number 2 with this one because we are very fond of Coldharbour. Yet that is not the sole reason. No secret that Coldharbour Recordings has a huge affect on trance music scene in edition to Armada. The brain child of Markus Schulz, the label has been a staple to fans of progressive trance. Lets face it every single artist on Coldharbour effortlessly astonishing. Just to name a few are Grube&Hovsepian, Nifra, Dave Neven, Mike Efex, Adina Butar, Novaspace, Arkham Knights, Solidstone and Fisherman&Hawkins. After attending several Coldharbour nights it’s pretty clear from our that each artist brings their best to their sets and even their tracks. We feel that this label will continue to prosper in the industry. 

(Photo by Patrick Naranjo. Taken at Avalon Hollywood a few years ago) 

3. FSOE aka Future Sound of Egypt 

This label is one of our favorites that continues to electrify us with their uplifting trance! Future Sound of Egypt is the label made for those such fans of uplift trance. Aly&Fila created this label for those who enjoy that genre of music. Some artists include M.I.K.E PUSH, Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle, Artic Moon, Niko Zografos, and The Thrillseekers. Each artist captures the essence of what makes excellent uplifting trance music. We feel like this label has veterans and new age artists that create beautiful tracks to bring to the masses. 
(Photo by Insomniac. Taken last year at FSOE at the Hollywood Palladium) 


Only true trance fans know about this label. Created by Paul Van Dyk,  it’s one label that never gets talked about more. Mixed with some other trance genres the heart of Vandit is uplifting just like FSOE. Some artists include Alex M.O.R.P.H, Bryan Kearney, Ben Nicky and Jordan Suckley. Each artist throws in their own creative input to make up this label. We feel that over time that Paul will take this label to another level that will stand out in the community even more than it is now. 

(Photo by Patrick Naranjo. Taken at Exchange LA a few years ago) 


This one might stir up some trouble because some of our readers will probably disagree with us. Technically this label is still under the Armada umbrella but it’s solely ran by Gareth Emery himself. This label is another one that is never brought up in conversations. There are such artists like Gareth himself, Luke Bond and Christina Novelli. HELLO Christina Noveilli who is a true voice of trance tracks like “Concrete Angel” and “Dynamite” Additionally Luke Bond brings his talent to Garuda. Of course the soul of the label is Gareth. Critics will say negative comments towards him, yet he creates tracks and sets that are long lasting. Such as his trance energy set this past weekend at Tomorrowland in Belgium. Easily one of our favorite sets of his. He brought that soul of trance that we know a lot of fans need these days. We look foreword to what this label creates in the future. 

(Photo by us. Taken at Electric for Lifeat the Shrine a few years)

There you have it, five labels that are altering the music industry with their talents. We know some people reading this piece might disagree with us or maybe some people will agree. Furthermore these labels are going to flourish and bring more unbelievable artists to light. We can not wait to see these artists soon and hear what they create

(Photo by us. Taken at Armin Only LA in February of this year) 


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