Trance Energy&ASOT X Taking over TomorrowLand with Trance πŸ’™

Boom, Belgium 

is known for it’s diverse mixture of dance music. Even though majority of young attendees go for the mainstream music, Trance has always been known at TomorrowLand. TomorrowLand is still on our list of festivals to attend because the amount of stunning trance artists that play the festival. Over the course of two weekends, this year’s installment of TomorrowLand featured two very special stages of trance music. Trance Energy and ASOT are notably huge for TomorrowLand to have at the festival. Watching the live feed this year we noticed the crowd was massive. We dug into the history of Trance Energy also the addition of ASOT for this year’s TomorrowLand. We also give our honest review of some sets from those stages. 

(Photo courtesy of Tomorrowland’s live feed) 

Trance Energy was once several events held in Europe. Founded in 1999, Trance Energy was originally held as a “small” edition and later it became a bigger edition. As Trance Energy gained popularity, it was moved to Utrecht, Netherlands. Over time Trance Energy achieved its followers that made the event a phenomen. However some say that once something is so great, it might fall from grace. That so happened to Trance Energy. In 2011, event promoters changed the concept and name for Trance Energy to “Energy the network” which was an open season for other genres rather than a trance only festival. Thus began the decline of Trance Energy. The event started to dwindle with failing to sell out. There was no such statement of the cancellation of Trance Energy so the event disappeared for a few years. Fast forward to 2017 and here we are with the comeback of Trance Energy at TomorrowLand

(Photo courtesy of TomorrowLand’s live feed)

ASOT has had the ability to stay relevant to any trance fan over the years. Armin Van Buuren created ASOT as a radio show to showcase trance artists and their classic tunes. ASOT made it’s radio debut in March 2001. Each year the radio show is celebrated in a different country with a stacked lineup to play for fans. The show airs every thursday of the week and it’s a 2 hour long mix. In March 2011, Ultra Music Festival gave ASOT the honor of taking over a stage at the festival. This is history in the making as no radio show has been given a stage. Armin even has his own separate live video feed away from Ultra‘s feed which is  another milestone for the show. Since then ASOT has made several appearances at events across the globe including TomorrowLand

(Photo courtesy of Marjorie Rojas from the festival) 

This year  with the return of Trance Energy along with the appearance of ASOT, this year’s lineup for those days made us gitty. Trance Energy‘s day was held on Friday July 21st during Weekend 1. It featured Fred Baker, ReOrder, Marco VBen Nicky,Cosmic Gate, Johan Gielen, the debut of Purple Haze at TomorrowLand , Ferry CorstenSvenson & Gielen (Live), Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz and Paul Van Dyk. When we say stacked.. we mean STACKED! Our favorite sets notably were Gareth Emery and Markus Schulz. Many critics have said that Gareth has pushed himself away from trance yet that was not the case at TomorrowLand. The mixture of his tracks with classic trance, Gareth proved to those “haters” that he is still much very alive in the scene. Without any doubt Markus Schulz played an astonishing set. However it was a very dark progressive set which we took  a liking to. Markus addressed his fans last month that he was going to do a Dakota presents: The Nine Skies set at TomorrowLand but due to some difficulties that show was not going to be held. With that being said Markus played three sets at TomorrowLand. His Trance Energy set, ASOT, and a 3 hour Mainstage set. Out of all those sets our favorite was his ASOT one. No matter what everytime Markus plays ASOT or any set his tireless work shows. 

(Photo courtesy of Tomorrowland’s live feed) 

ASOT was held on Friday July 28th during Weekend 2. Lineup included Aly & Fila, Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren, Ben Gold, David Gravell, Markus Schulz, MaRLo, Orjan Nilsen, Vini Vici, NWYR and Ruben de Ronde b2b RODG. This lineup was very difficult to pick favorite sets. Everyone played a wonderful set However if we did have to pick our favorites it would be Armin and Markus. Additionally Marlo and Ben Gold played worthy sets to top our list. Like we said however it’s hard to pick favorites. Armin remarkably played a set that was far from his mainstage set. That is the thing with his ASOT sets, he proves (Just like Gareth) that he is still very much a force in the scene. No lie we got emotional when he played “Saving Light” a song by Gareth, Standerwick and vocals by Haliene. Like we stated earlier Markus‘s ASOT set blew us out of the water. Markus never disappoints us so it’s no surprise why that set was earth shaking. With some Dakota tracks incorporated into his set, our favorite moment however is when he debut the tribute he made for the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. As Chester was a voice for the adolescent of the world, it’s fitting that Markus‘s tribute spoke to us Linkin Park fans. As Armin made us emotional with “Saving Light”, Markus made us emotional with that tribute. It was remixed so beautiful that you could feel that Markus felt these emotions for Chester and he wanted to honor the late singer. It was the perfect way to immortalize one of Linkin Park‘s classic songs with a twist. Another moment from Markus set that is our favorite is the opening of his set is when you could hear the lyrics is one of his Dakota songs “Running up that Hill” with Bev Wild. Her voice electrified us by singing those beautiful lyrics. Then he transitioned into that song boom.. magic happened. The crowd went insane and a smile came across Markus‘s face. It was a moment that brought a smile across our faces. 

( Photo from Armin’s Instagram taken at TomorrowLand )  

(Photo courtesy of TomorrowLand’s live feed)  

Beyond question trance really took over TomorrowLand and created a little safe haven for some fans that wanted to keep away from that ” EDM” generation at the mainstage. Like we said before from the live feed we saw from both days of Trance Energy and ASOT the stage was packed. Furthermore we can only hope TomorrowLand will take this to heart in the future so they can cater to Trance music fans. We are hoping to attend the festival next year! 

(Photos courtesy of ASOT’s Instagram) 

Make sure to follow ASOT and Trance Energy on IG to see the announcements of the shows etc. 


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