Your Favorite Trance Artists X Fans talk about their Favorite Djs πŸ’™

Los Angeles, CA

When we personally meet any trance fan they always ask me the old age question “who are your favorite djs”. It’s tricky for because we never want to give the wrong answer. We asked some of our fellow trance fans who their favorites are and why they love them so much.

Brooke Brown: Markus Schulz&Ferry Corsten

“Where do I begin? They have consistently created great trance while providing some of the most unique and thought provoking sets. Whether they have used an alias or not, every set is different. Plus, those OTC sets of 10+ hours do NOT even happen with those newer in Trance.”

(Photo courtesy of Brooke’s FB)

We agree with Brooke about Markus and Ferry. No surprise that we love them both separately but something about when they get together it’s just special. It’s like two superhuman coming together to beat a super evil genius. Unfortunately New World Punx haven’t been playing together. Currently Markus and Ferry have been working on other projects. We are sure that they will come back together soon!

Wil Narvarro: Cosmic Gate&Ferry Corsten

” I get in moods. So I can’t say I’d want to see 1 DJ all the time. But if I was to say one that is pretty consistent to what I like to hear. It would have to be Cosmic Gate and Ferry only. I’ve always enjoyed their shows.But I do get in my uplift, psy, house, and vocal trance moods. So it changes and I can never say I’m always wanting to listen to the same DJ everytime they come around”

(Photo courtesy of Wil’s FB)

Cosmic Gate is legends in their own right and so is Ferry. We do agree our moods depends on the djs and how you feel . We will always have our favorites but we are open to other possibilities.

Justin Virtucio: Paul Van Dyk

” One DJ that I have a strong connection with is Paul Van Dyk because of a redefining moment in my life. For so many years I used to go to these shows and festivals to runaway and escape from my reality. One night, Paul Van Dyk’s music helped me realize that I didn’t need to do that anymore and had nothing to be afraid of. I learned to embrace my struggles and celebrate my success. When I’m on the dance floor and have the opportunity to hear his music live, I’m reminded that Trance is a place where love resides, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

(Photo courtesy of Justin’s IG)

Aye Paul Van Dyk the king of emotions sometimes. Paul is high on our list. We feel like Paul has grown over the year to other trance fans. Paul has that special connection with his music that is required in trance!

Patrick Naranjo: Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren

“My 2 favorite trance artist of all time besides Markus, have to be Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren. The first time I ever heard trance was when my cousin introduced it to me when I was back in high school senior year. Then I was heavily into hip hop/ rap. I was going through a lot at that time of my life so I went to a show just because I was curious, to see Armin Van Buuren. The rest is history, from that moment on, I knew trance was for me and gave me a feeling like no other. I was ashamed to tell people at first because at that time people would make fun of others if you liked something out of the ordinary. But as I grew the love for trance, I started not caring who knew and started to attend shows here and there. Seeing Ferry Corsten at Circus back in the day before they closed it down recently was also an eye opener for me. From his system F tracks to Gouryella project with DJ tiesto at the time was amazing! As the love grew for trance, the deeper I got consumed. In conclusion, these 2 are my favorites because their music influenced me and my lifestyle in so many ways, that it has saved my life. I thanked them both when I had the privilege of meeting them and letting them know how much their music has meant to me.”

(Photo courtesy of Patrick’s FB)

Probably the best statement. I have known Patrick to be such a huge fan of Armin and Ferry since we have been together. The amount of work both of them put into their music has a huge impact on fans across the world. True legends that never die out. Armin is known as the king of trance and that isn’t any less true. Ferry holds 2nd to that chair as well!

Desaree( Aka Us) Markus Schulz and Aly&Fila

“It’s pretty self explanatory that Markus means a lot to me. There is a story to tell about Markus and his deep rooted meaning. When I first met my other half( Patrick Naranjo) he took me to see Markus Schulz for our first date. Attached to that was a meet and greet with Markus. When I met Markus I was extremely nervous because I never met a Dj before unless I was interviewing them. That night I first met him he told us the story of the TrancefamilyLA wristband and that story always stuck with me. As time went on the more I saw him the more we had conversations with each other, I discovered how kind he is to his fans. When I found out I was pregnant Patrick and I were going back and fourth on names. I always liked the name Markus. However I wanted to honor Big Markus and that special meaning to Patrick and I. Markus was absolutely flattered which made me happy. Aside from him as a person his music always hits home. His sets have such a powerful impact on myself. I feel like he always puts his best energy in every set he plays. I’m truly blessed to know him as a Dj and as a person. Thank you Markus for always being such a light in my music taste but also the nicest person. “

(Photo taken by Patrick Naranjo)

“The story how I started listening to Aly&Fila is very simple. Before I met Patrick I never really liked trance. It’s hard to believe now because how much I consume myself with it. The first uplift show I attended I nearly had a heart attack. The music was blasting in my face. Yet I gave it another chance in 2015 when we saw Aly&Fila. Like Markus, Aly&Fila hit so close to home with their music. Emotional trance has to be my absolute favorite genre of trance. I have always been connected to lyrics so when emotional trance comes on it makes me sad but happy at the same time. That first night I saw him was such a beautiful night. Then I got to see them again the following summer. The amount of work Fadi puts into those sets(Aly has stepped back due to hearing issues and also spending time with his family) is amazing! I have seen a couple more sets by them but my favorite will always be at Ultra this past year. Possibly because the sound quality was blaring in my face but that set was just everything.”

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Naranjo)

No matter who your favorite is, there is always a deep rooted meaning attached to them. Music connects us and will always connect us. These djs make incredible music that we can enjoy. We will see you guys in the dance floor.


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