Markus Schulz At Avalon X Another OTC in the Books

Los Angeles,CA

There is something special to be said about Markus Schulz’s open to close sets at Avalon Hollywood. Those type of sets do showcase the true talent Markus is. We have attended about 4 open to closes at Avalon and each one conveys what the trance community is about. Saturday night/morning was one set that conveyed such that.

(Video taken by us)

Markus made his epic return to Avalon Hollywood in true fashion with his signature open to close set. Observing Markus music over the years each set he pours himself into yet those open to close really demonstrates his talent. As us LA fans all know open to close sets at Avalon go into the wee hours in the morning so we have to mentally and physically prepare our bodies. As we walked into Avalon, the atmosphere was nothing but good vibes. The playlist that Markus put together really fit the way the club vibe was. Markus always breaks down his sets into parts. He had a warm up part, a part where he played non stop progressive hits, the rabbit hole, and he closed it out. A lot of fans we talked to enjoy the Rabbit Hole part of his OTC sets, We personally love progressive hits.

(Photo taken by us)

As the night wore on, Markus played tiredly for us LA fans( It always amazes us that he doesn’t go to the bathroom or gets extremely tired during his sets). When the echo call of his recent Dakota hit “Running Up That Hill” we were awoken by the song running through our veins. Bev Wild’s voice cuts through us like no other. That is by far our favorite Dakota song so far. The crowd went crazy hearing it as well. The insane thing about these open to close sets is that even into the morning the LA crowd goes hard. Transitioning into the Rabbithole, the crowd was still pumping. For those not aware of what the Rabbit Hole part of the set is where Markus plays this dark sort of techno tracks. It’s definitely heart pumping.

(Photo taken by Patrick Naranjo)

As the night was coming to a close, we got sad that the epic night was done. Markus truly represents what we think some trance artists lack , the epitome of trance. We know Markus appreciates that his fans that always stays till the end. As always he greets fans at the end, you can see clearly he is exhausted but always takes pictures. It shows that he really loves his fans. Earlier in the night he announced that he was going to return for another NYE open to close.

( Video taken by us)

Another open to close is it the books for us, all we can say is that we can’t wait for the next one. These marathon sets kills us every time but they are so worth it. Markus we can never thank you enough for another amazing set! See you guys on the dance floor again!


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