Trance Fan Feature Thursday X Afzal Uz Constantly Living in a State of Trance ♥️

Los Angeles, CA/ Calgary, Alberta,Canada

Trance music really does connect complete strangers and turns them into friends… maybe sometimes family. This week we wanted to share an amazing story from one of our social media friends. We met Afzal UZ through the power of social media( JUST LIKE 100% of our friends). One thing we noticed right off the bat with Afzal is his undying love for our culture. If you are not a fan of A state of Trance you might not be friends with Afzal. He has nothing but amazing things to say about Armin and the label itself. Of course he adores Markus Schulz like us that it makes it pretty easy to be his friend. Aside from his love for trance music, Afzal just recently got married this last year. Many congrats to him. His story is beautiful and we thought the world should hear about it.

( Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

In high school is when Afzal got into the scene and he had an instant connection to the music. It was an overwhelming feeling that all of us know. “I got into trance about 10 years ago during my last year of high school. I was sitting late at night once studying for finals, while streaming European radio. I remember the song Amsterdam by Luminary came on (Super8 and tab remix). I was completely taken by shock. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard. I just remember feeling like I had never felt before in my life. I could not believe the way my body reacted to just a song. That was the beginning of my trance journey. Till this day that has remained my all time favourite trance track and I have always had a soft spot for female vocal trance”. So do we Afzal… so do we. That type of feeling you have is so irreplaceable. Something that last a lifetime and are addicted to the songs and that feeling. That is something we all as Trancefamily can relate to. That overwhelming feeling that makes you cry.

(Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

As Afzal explains his love for trance it’s clear that he is so passionate about it. “Trance is the only genre of music I have heard which hits all of your senses. The way the music makes your hair stand on your neck, gives you goosebumps on your arms and chills down your spine is attributable only to this type of music. Another reason why i love trance is because of the people in the scene or our “Trance family”. Trance connects people in ways that blows my mind. There is so much love and acceptance in the scene and more than once Ive seen complete strangers can become friends, just over one set. I have made so many friends across the world just because of trance music.” It’s true trance music really connects all of us. We are complete strangers.. we all don’t know our stories. We don’t know each other lives but once you around people who share that love to. You just smile and hug each other. Those friendships as well are beautiful to create. We all are a huge family that take care of each other.

(Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

Now we all have our favorite DJs and we know you know who our favorite is… Afzal states that he owes Armin Van Buuren his liking for trance music.” I would have to say hands down Armin Van Buuren. What he has done for the trance scene is absolutely amazing. I have been listening to Armin’s ASOT radio show since 2008 and he is such a hardworking, genuine, humble person and has done so much for trance. His older tracks were some of the first I had listened to and I remember he was one of the first trance djs I saw live. Its on my bucket list to meet him someday! Older Above and Beyond and Dash Berlin were also instrumental in helping me develop my passion and love for trance.” Armin is a legend in his own right.. he has created one of the best labels if not the best label in the scene. What he has done for the scene alone speaks for itself. So it’s no surprise that Afzal picked a Dj that truly inspires millions over the globe.

( Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

Festivals are a tricky subject for any raver. The Festival circuit is so broad that it’s hard to just choose one. Afzal hand picked a few that are close to his heart. ” I have gone to so many memorable festivals over the years. My favorite of all time would have to be ASOT750 in Utrecht in February 2016. The setup, music and crowd in that festival was absolutely remarkable. We flew into Amsterdam from Calgary for only 2 days just for the festival and it was the greatest musical bliss I had ever experienced. Pure 2014 with Above and Beyond in Edmonton was also very memorable. Above and Beyond surprised everyone and played all their classic stuff. There was a group of 8 of us who had road tripped up and had a great time. Dreamstate SoCal has also been a huge part of my life and has also been an amazing experience”. Those festivals have an experience of a lifetime that great beautiful moments. If you haven’t been able to attend any of them.. we assure that you won’t ever get disappointed.

(Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

No future is certain.. you must live in the moment. Afzal hopes his future with trance is a bright one.”Hopefully still as crazy about trance as I am right now! i would definitely want to expand our local Calgary Trance Family and grow the scene here locally. There are a also a couple of festivals that are on my bucket list:Transmission Prague, ASOT1000, Luminosity, and Tomorrowland (dont judge!). I would also love to explore more areas in trance like slower progressive and techno. Its such a diverse genre!” There you have it guys. Afzal Uz always living in a state of trance!

(Photo courtesy of Afzal’s IG)

If you wanna be feature for trance fan Thursday shoot us a message through our socials!

*All content by Afzal and us.. all photos are credited*


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