Dreamstate Spotlight X Exclusive Interview with Mark Sherry 💙

San Bernardino, CA

Mark Sherry is a true class act and one talented DJ. He is a true legend in this industry and has been sharing his love for trance music for almost 25 years now. For a DJ to sustain his career like that is an incredible thing to see in this industry.. or any other industry for that matter. For those unaware of who Mark Sherry is, we will give you a little bio on him.

Name: Mark Sherry

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Label: Outburst, Outburst Twilight, Techburst

Career: Mark has been a pioneer of his genre for almost 25 years now, hitting his fans with the best of tech trance and techno. His music has been reelased on many labels including Reset/Spinnin, Armada, Coldharbour, High Contrast, Vandit, Lange and Detox. However his passion now is for his own label Outburst. Mark regularly plays at all the biggest festivals around the world, including ASOT, Tomorrowland, Ultra, Luminosity and Dreamstate of course. Mark is a famed producer but also has remixed some of the best trance tracks around  from artists like Armin, Markus Schulz, Mauro Picotto, Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Max Graham. Mark has been such a huge staple for the tech trance world and loves to share his passion for this kind of music. 

(Photo courtesy of Mark Sherry/ Mark Sherry’s management)

Ahead of his back to back set with Scot Project we sat down with Mark to talk all about Dreamstate, the idea behind this backtoback with Scot Project, his forthcoming album and studio projects, and his recent wedding.

Thank you so much for sitting with us today … you are playing here at Dreamstate for second time… what stands about this festival for you than any festival played ?

Mark Sherry: America is such a cool place, it always has been. The whole scene is really kicking off over here just now and with the amazing (and massive) Insomniac team behind it really pushing things, you’re always going to be guaranteed an amazing experience at Dreamstate. Great team + great production = great crowd… it’s the best out there! My debut in 2016 was incredible so I’ve been itching to come back! 

You are you going a back to back set with Scot project .. isthis a onetime deal or are there going to be more sets in the future ? 

Mark: It’s going to be a long term deal.. obviously this is going to be our debut set tonight though. I’ve known Frank (Scot Project) for years, we have spoken about doing a collaboration quite a few times over the years, but since I’ve always had my own musical commitments and he has had his,we’ve just never got around to it until now. Obviously this time though with the initial request coming in from Dreamstate for me to team up with somebody on stage, my management talked to Frank’s management to discuss some ideas. It was all confitmed and we were then asked to make the official anthem for the festival so the timing was perfect for us to eventually start working together on some productions! However, we’re going to keep Gentech really exclusive and for special events only, so maybe only do 6 or 7 gigs a year together. I’m very busy with my own stuff and Frank is busy as well, so we’re just wanting to do the absolute biggest events that we can. We have done two tracks for the set tonight… the anthem for the event (Feel My Love) and also a bootleg remix of The Prodigy’s new single ‘We Live Forever’, taken from their new album. Next year we’re going to try and make at least 4-5 new tracks to play in our sets. We can build on that and see how things go moving forwards. This year I have been working on my own solo album so I haven’t been able to spend much time on the Gentech project so far, but I really want to. We only got booked a few months ago for this event so we were really pushed for time to produce new material in time. The thinking behind Gentech is that I’m going to be celebrating my 25th anniversary as a DJ next year, and so is Frank – we’ve been in the scene for a full generation and have both played tech-trance/hard trance all this time, so the name Gen-Tech stems from our time spent in the scene combined with our trademark sounds. We are playing to a 1 hour set tonight so we are trying to play as many of the biggest and techiest tracks from the last 25 years that everyone loves so it’s going to be a lot of fun! Everyone has their favorite styles, ours are tech-trance and hardtrance ..and the tougher end of the trance spectrum so it’s going to sound banging! 

What new tracks do you have coming out on Outburst ? Can we expect anything soon? 

Mark: I’m glad you asked me that because I’m just about to finish my first ever artist album. I’ve done an album as Public Domain (an alias) back in the day with some other guys, but this one is my first ever solo album. I’ve got 14 tracks finished now that I’m really happy with but I’m going to try and get another 3 or 4 done by the end of January, then ill choose the best ones for the album along with my management. It looks like the album could be released in March next year. It’s a pretty exciting time for me right now, but at the same time it’s very frustrating, due to the fact that I have all this new musicsitting there that I can’t release yet haha. Usually I can release something one month or two months after finishing it, but I’ve been holding everything back for this album, so I can’t wait to push the big green button and release it all in 2019!! 

What inspired you and Scot project to work together as Gentech? 

Mark: It’s like what I said earlier, we have both supported each other for years now, prob since at least 2000. I think Frank is 3 or 5 years older than I am and when I first started out he was one of my heroes. DJ’s/producers like Mauro Picotto, Marco V and Frank have been very inspiring to meover the years. I got really switched on to them right from the very start, so to now get the chance to work with them is a real honour. Frank has been a big supporter of my music as well, it’s just taken me slightly longer cos of the small age gap, but we’ve always had mutual respect for each other’s productions. He remixed one of our old Public Domain tracks (Operation Blade) back in 2008 and I have remixed some of his stuff as well over the years, so we’ve done quite a few swaps haha. Frank has also released a few killer singles on Outburst recently as well, so our work together has all grown organically to this point, the musical chemistry is there.

(Photo courtesy of Mark/ Mark Sherry’s management )

Lastly congrats on your marriage how is married life treating you? 

Mark: Thank you! I’ve been with my wife for over 7 years now and she really is amazing. She’s the first girl that I’ve met that can actually handle my job with all the touring etc..it’s not easy on either of us sometimes, but we stay strong and try to do lots of nice things when I’m at home. She is a big trance fan too and she says that she’s my number one fan so what can I say to that haha. We trust and support each other, it would never work otherwise. She has a very stressful job so we always make sure that that we’re there for each other when times get tough.

*Side note our founder Desaree Soto got engaged this last June* 

I got engaged last June .. do you have any advice for myself?

Mark: Just always be honest with each other, have full and mutual respect and don’t ever take each other for granted.  I don’t need to give you any more advice, you obviously know that you’ve met the right person too!  😉

We want to thank Mark for sitting with us and truly being a class act. We can wait to see what this future holds for him in 2019

*All content by us.. pictures have been credited*

Huge thank you to Mark Sherry and his team for allowing us to sit down with him!

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